About Us


Established 2021

The Karma Crystals was created in 2021 with the intent to raise awareness about healing crystals and their benefits in modern day life.

The Karma Crystals offer a wide variety to cater for peoples needs and also provides beautiful hand made gifts.

The Karma Crystals is designed provide positive energy through each piece.

Ami Kainth


Only the Best

What Are Crystals?

Over time, crystals are formed by natural alignments. Crystals are build up very slowly and are arranged in an organised fashion. An energy filed is created within and around the Crystal.


Aura and Crystals

The vibrations of your Aura changes when crystals enter. Crystals are widely used for healing and each crystal hold different healing energies. Crystals do not harm the body.

Piezoelectric Effect

Crystals possess a special  quality,
and this is called the piezoelectric effect. If a Crystal is placed in an electric field, it will bend and flex in a minute away. The opposite is true, if a Crystal is damaged it can give off an electric charge between the planes inside the Crystal. The more a Crystal is worked and handled, small amounts of energies are released. 


Intention is when some is focussing on mental energy using a a Crystal or a stone. You can rub or hold a stone to enable your own energy to transmit through your own Aura to the Crystal. The longer your own the Crystal, the stronger it becomes. 

How Crystals Work

Crystals can be placed anywhere in your home. You can also wear crystals as jewellery pieces (in your aura) where energy is instantly immersed. People also place crystals in their pockets to help with their daily lives.