Chakras are the energy centres of the body. Each chakra moves with a spinning motion, forming a vortex. It is these vortices that filter the energy of the environment around us. 

Seven Major Chakras

Out of the 7 Chakras- one enters the physical body at the top of the head, and the other six occur along the vertical midline of the body, with energy entering the body from both the front and the back.

Balancing The Chakras

There are many exercises, mediations and healing techniques that focus on balancing the chakras. The aim is to remove any blockages and imbalances to the natural flow of energy.

The Seven Chakras

First Chakra – Root

Root aka Muladhara- this is concerned with our connection to the earth and our very basic, fundamental needs for survival-shelter, the health of our physical body and safety.

Second Chakra – Sacral

This is associated with change, with creating form from formlessness. This chakra is concerned with the pleasures of life, with desires and with nurturing us and our creativity.

Third Chakra – Solar Plexus

The energy of the third chakra is concerned with personal power. Our sense of our place in the world, our confidence in ourselves, and our self-esteem are centred on this chakra.  

Fourth Chakra – Heart

This is associated with unconditional love. It affects our ability to consider others, be gentle in our expectations of ourselves and to empathise with challenges and the joys experienced with others.

Fifth Chakra – Throat

Expression and communication, both verbal and non-verbal, are the themes of the fifth chakra. When this chakra is balanced, we are considered and thoughtful with our communications.


Seventh Chakra – Crown

The seventh chakra is about insight, inner ‘knowing’ and self-realisation from the seventh chakra, this energy filters down through every other part of the body and through each of the other chakras.

Sixth Chakra – Third Eye

The third eye Chakra where the conscious meets the unconscious. The development of this Chakra involves becoming more aware of our intuition.